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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Configure your Browser to work fast - Google Chrome

I would like to share with you daily some knowledge on how to use things for betterment of community and of course for us also.
You might have heard story of a shoemaker who got shoes made by fairies. I believed the story too, so I used to keep my homework copies form school and always wanted fairies to finish them. Need not to tell you what I faced next day in school next day.
But it’s true the fairies are there, yes as the time has changed, they live now in your browser and you have to find him and make them work. They certainly love to work for you.
We would be discussing here how to use our browser; this you can say is First step towards online marketing.   I am using Chrome and I love it because it’s compatible with lot of attachments which we would be discussing here
If you don’t have use chrome I would love to request you to use it because it’s from Google family and Google has a big impact on search engines and good tool of marketing. You can download it from Google,  it’s free.
How to use chrome:
Step one - You can see there is a hand tool icon (Rinch) on the right hand side top. Click that,
Come to tools, now you can see extensions, Click that, and now you can various applications that you can run from your browser.
A must to choose –
Add this - A very good tool to help you to share your contents or blogs with lot of websites.  When you are on your blog press a right mouse key, and it will ask you, whom with you want to share. I had already given you a list of websites that pays for your blogs. Just with a simple click you can share your contents with a lot of websites of your choice.
Bitly – This application is very good to use, it shortens your sharing URL,   because a very lengthy URL does not look good to share. This you can use when sending your links in mails or other websites.
Stumble on – This is tool you can use to market your blogs with. I request you to open your account with the website, and I would be writing to you in my next blog, how you can get more viewers with that website.
Screenshot – A must blogging tool. If you don’t have this you are not a blogger. Strongly recommended to take this tool.
Translation Tool: This tool is also a must for you, because lot of web pages don’t have preloaded translation tool.

You can find a 100’s of tools there you can choose what suits you But I would be taking only what is essential for marketing.
Now you are a blogger loaded with tools.
Next step will be marketing with different websites.

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